Recherches sur la Commerce, la Fabrication et l'Usage des Étoffes de Soie,
d'Or et d'Argent

Facsimile Reprint Edition; 1st edition: Paris 1852-1854. A wide-ranging encyclopedic compilation containing thousands of detailled excerpts and scholarly references to the different types of luxury silk, gold and silver textiles and clothing used by the ruling classes during the middle ages. The descriptions are drawn from published and unpublished sources ranging from the sixth through the nineteenth century, and include excerpts from royal and church inventories, memoirs, literature and poetry, among other sources. Due to its scholarship & range of references it is still unsurpassed and remains an unrivalled source book for the study of the history of medieval fine textiles and clothing in Europe, the Islamic and Christian middle east, and especially, France. The first scholarly history of decorative fine textiles, as well as one of the rarest. - The Author was a philologist & Professor of Foreign Literature at the Faculté des Lettres in Bordeaux in the 1840s, & also lived in Paris, where he was a publisher in the early 1830s. He is the author, editor or translator of ca 100 scholarly works, mostly on medieval & renaissance literature & history.

25 x 17,6 cm, 922 pages
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