Tilde is a para-institution for contemporary art and research, presenting projects in several forms and places, both in its space in Amsterdam and collaborating with other spaces in The Netherlands and abroad. While organizing specific projects and off-site events, carefully unfolding experimental practices in close collaboration with artists, thinkers, writers, researchers, and the community, Tilde aims to create connections between local and international, young and older practitioners. Tilde promotes interdisciplinary dialoguesand encourages involvement with other non–profit spaces, as well as institutional and educational systems nationally and internationally.

It is run by artist and curator Diego Diez, who was previously co-directing the Amsterdam project space Plat- (2017-2019) and organizing group exhibitions such as Lockers (2017, 2019). After co-directing Plat- for two years I decided to work on my own and I founded Tilde as a some sort of next step of Plat-. Tilde aims to be able to reshape itself for the needs of the artists it works with, not being tied to a set of walls and lights, but with the possibility to offer to the artists what they might be looking for at that time of their careers.

Since its start in October 2019 Tilde has created a line where works by stablished artists such as Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, Laure Prouvost or Moyra Davey are shown next to younger artists such as Vincent Verhoef, Maria Nolla Mateos or Sara Milio, a.o.. Another characteristic of the space is the intention to put in context the work of artists working in Amsterdam with international artist, allowing both parts to discover different contexts within a similar approach to art making. Mostly presenting duo or small group shows the aim of the project is to offer a space for conversation between different generations and points of departure, with a public presentation understood as an exhibition but with an important part behind the scenes, where the artists discuss and share their knowledge and methodologies. Relationships make up an important part of the shows at Tilde, especially as it is based in my apartment: the artists usually stay there for a week for set up. This means the conversations about the show happen more informally, like when cooking breakfast. While theoretically grounded, my approach to curating is based more on direct relationships with artists, proximity, friendship and the processual development of exhibitions, rather than working on a thematic base.

@nataliyataNot sure what was exactly happening in the moment this photo was taken, but It was surely adding another piece of Seth Siegelaub's body of work/life to the recreation of it @diegodp has made in@til.de.ams With overwhelmingly big amount of books (which I somehow managed to not register) and additional works by younger artist, the show can be visited until 14th Feb ~

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Tilde is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-17 or by appointment.
Magersfonteinstraat 12, 1092XW Amsterdam