Ingrid Blix ~ David Noro

Mouth Pond

26th October - 3rd November 2019

Sometimes some things just click, even when we less expect it. When things click there are usually different type of reactions, going from the ones that had it very clear that it was going to work out, passing through the ones that are surprised about the joint and maybe ending at the dubious ones who do not have too much faith.

When things click it does not necessarily mean that the clicking things are similar, as there can also be a click between the two most different things in the world, as some kind of twisted coincidence. Although twisted, it's fun how, if we dig, we can maybe find some sense, some traces that lead us to the current status of these things.
The click can be continuous, almost infinite and giving us different notes during its period of existence. The click can also be very fast, like a spark with the potential to create a flame. The click should not be misunderstood with a crack.

Ingrid Blix, 2019. Drowned dresses/and dreams & eczema ~ Doublesided Polyester Fabric, Cotton Shirt, Coffee, Thread

David Noro, 2019. Picnic ~ Gouache, Pen, Collage, Glue on Cardboard

Ingrid Blix, 2019. Abel ~ Cotton Shirt, Coffee, Tea, Curcuma, Thread, Metal

Ingrid Blix, 2019. Abel ~ Cotton Shirt, Coffee, Tea, Curcuma, Thread, Metal

David Noro, 2019. Traffic ~ Acrylic, Pigment, Ink, Photographic Paper, Cardboard

Ingrid Blix, 2019. Lissom Stone ~ Rayon Fabric, Cotton Shirt, Red Onion, Red Wine, Metal, Thread

David Noro, 2019. Alpha and Omega’s Lovers ~ Acrylic, Oil, Ink, Photographic Paper, Cardboard

David Noro, 2019. Butterflies in spiderweb ~ Acrylic, Ink, Photographic Paper, Cardboard and Wood
Magersfonteinstraat 12, 1092XW Amsterdam