Communication & Class Struggle

1. Capitalism, Imperialism

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Volume 1 of 2 Volumes. An anthology of 64 left and progressive texts on the relationship between the practice and theory of communication and their development in the historical context of social struggle on a world scale, of which more than 1/3rd are published for the first time in English, with some published for the first time in any language. This 1st volume deals with the basic Marxist theory underlying the analysis of the communication process, as well as studies centered on the formation of the capitalist communication apparatus, ideology and "mass" culture. It contains texts by S. SIEGELAUB, A. MATTELART, K. MARX, A. GRAMSCI, V.I. LENIN, MAO Tse-Tung, P. BOURDIEU, REVOLUTIONARY LEFT MOVEMENT (MIR, Chile), H. LEFEBVRE, L. ACOSTA, M. MATTELART, D.W. SMYTHE, S. FINKELSTEIN, T. WENGRAF & R. MURRAY, F. MEHRING, R. ESCARPIT, J. HABERMAS, Y. DE LA HAYE, A. CABRAL, R. CONSTANTINO, C. ORTEGA & C. ROMERO, R. FREDERIX, J.D. BERNAL, S. EWEN, N.R. DANIELIAN, THE FILM COUNCIL (UK), R. LINDNER, R. WILLIAMS, R.A. BRADY, D. SINGTON & A. WEIDENFELD, FREE COMMUNICATIONS GROUP, R. PERON, FRENCH COMMUNIST PARTY-CHAIX PRINTERS, R. BONCHIO, J. STRASSER, M. JANCO & D. FURJOT, J.-M. CARIOT, M. O'CAOLLAI, SCIENCE FOR THE PEOPLE, L.A. PEREZ JR., H.I. SCHILLER, R. DRINOT SILVA, T.H. GUBACK, S. PEREZ BARRETO, J. ARONSON, PHONG HIEN & LE VAN HAO, C. BRIGHTMAN & M. KLARE. Includes an extensive bibliography with over 500 left books on the subject, p431-41. Along with vol 2, the most important attempt —in any language— to lay the groundwork for a critical left theory of communication and culture.

26 x 17,8 cm, 445 pages

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