Bibliographica Textilia Historiae.

Towards A General Bibliography on the History of Textiles Based on the Library and Archives of the CSROT

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A comprehensive bibliography containing over 5,000 catalogued entries of books & articles, with a total of over 10,000 individual texts included in anthologies, reviews & magazines, published in all languages, mostly European (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish), 15th - 20th century, treating all aspects of the history of handwoven textiles as art, craft, technology, industry & commerce. All entries are given with full author & title, edition, publisher, date & series title, with most provided with collations, & over 3,000 with a descriptive annotation, including a list of each text contained in anthologies, reviews & magazines. The work concludes with a detailled subject index of the most important books in each subject area. The entries cover all possible types of textiles, including archeological, ethnographic, religious (Islamic, Christian & Buddhist), secular, decorative & folk textiles made in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania & Africa, from the "prehistoric", ancient, medieval, renaissance, baroque & rococco periods through the 20th century, including works on woven silk, wool, linen, cotton, velvet, printed textiles, embroidery, lace, carpets, dyeing, tapestry, pattern books, costume, weaving technology & analysis, textile conservation, & many other related subjects. This is first systematic attempt to outline & document all facets of the world history of textiles & its study. The entries are based on the library and archives of the Center for Social Research on Old Textiles, [CSROT], which is part of the libraries & collections of The Stichting Egress Foundation in Amsterdam. [CSROT 5100].

"Siegelaub has painstakingly catalogued, annotated and indexed (by both country and subject) the library's multi-lingual holdings, and the result is this substantial bibliography, the first of its kind. ... This publication has the added attraction of having an in-depth and thought-provoking essay on the history, ideology and approaches to the literature of textiles since the 15th century .... If there ever is a 'hall of fame' for bibliographies, [it] deserves a place beside Creswell's on Islamic art and architecture, Ferguson's on inventions, and Arntzen & Rainwater's on art history." Alan Kennedy, Hali, 103, March-April 1999

"This astonishing bibliography takes into account all facets of textile literature. ... To date textile historiography suffers from a fragmentation into fields of interest that are cut off from each other. Thus the work done by the author and the CSROT Foundation is all the more worthy of our attention and support.. This publication should be available on the shelves of every scientific library." TextileForum, 4/97

"[Its] multidisciplinary approach to the history of textiles also means that the bibliography covers not only the more traditional types of literature ..., but also such items as legislative collections ...; industrial or craft technical manuals, socio-economic histories; travel journals; and more general works on specific areas of textile history (Islamic textiles coverage is particularly strong in this regard). .... The volume's classification system would also enable a librarian to base a more than respectable library collection on it as well as start a researcher on an appropriate bibliographic track. ... An important reference addition to ... library collections." Art Libraries Journal, 3, 1998

"[It] provides a comprehensive tool as an initial resource, with detailed annotations and references and a number of interesting illustrations. While it takes a truly international approach there is inevitably a European and Asian emphasis. .... We believe that at a price of US$ [150.00] this unique bibliography would make a valuable addition to any textile, historical or archaeological library, archive, museum or auction house. In fact there may be a place for this title on the bookshelves of textile and history enthusiasts." Canadian Textile Journal, May-June 1999

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