*** *****

29th April 2022 ~ 8th May 2022

More than a month has passed since Putin began war in Ukraine. Ukrainians are dying every day. We’ve seen how they die. For many Russians, these images are not just terrible documents of the war. They are also a reminder of the nature of Russian society. Often hidden behind the closed doors of private properties and disciplinary institutional violence. Violence in kindergartens, schools, orphanages, hospitals. Violence to defenseless, women and children.

Residents of a multinational territory, who are strongly disagree with actions of Russian authorities are leading partisan resistance to the war. People consistently fighting the regime over the years, are once again find themselves almost powerless against the backdrop of millions of Russians, affected by propaganda.

Under the conditions of military propaganda in Russia, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for cultural figures to freely speak and actively resist the war in their civic position.

*** ***** exhibition will feature monochrome graphic works by artists living on the territory of modern Russia, in different once colonized regions of this geographical zone. Their sometimes metaphorical, sometimes very literal images speak about the war in Ukraine and their partisan resistance to it within the reality of the country they were born. These artists say something that we feel needs to be communicated with the world, when in their own country their voices are being silenced.

*** ***** is an encrypted statement ‘no war’ written in russian — ‘нет войне’. It that has been written in public places and on protesters banners in Russia.

Magersfonteinstraat 12, 1092XW Amsterdam